Welcome to our first 2-day Portfolio Bootcamp

This is for junior and mid-level UX/UI designers to come together to learn about crafting their portfolios from a new place of clarity and professional insights.

We'll talk about best practices for portfolios, case studies, About pages, personal branding and what goals end users are looking achieve upon arriving to your portfolio.

I'll be facilitating the conversations along with our guest recruiter, Mary, from Optomi LLC.

Through our open discussions, we'll be able to crack the code of what employers, hiring managers and recruiters are looking for before choosing you as a potential candidate or moving on to someone else.

But I need your help!

I need you to click the "Register Now" button and "Submit Your Portfolio" in order to ensure we have something to critique and learn from.

Join now to RSVP and make help make this first bootcamp one to remember.